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What's it like to be a bat? A rock? A potted plant? An automatic rifle? Another person? What does a storm think when it thinks of you? How do we plan for our disappearance?


Trans: Experiments in Living is a narrative that expands our sense of identity and self.


Trans is being created for a digital video format. It is in early development stages and is planned for release online in late 2021.


A personal sacrifice for the good of all. A surrender of body, self, and mind. Feel this burning moment. Migration (is a transdisciplinary collaboration with visual artist Tomoyo Ihaya and is based on her work Eyes Water Fire. The project continues Fight With a Stick's collaborative explorations with other-than-human materialities.


The development phase began in November 2020 and ended in May 2021. Full production has been delayed due to the pandemic but we are hoping to bring the show to live audiences in early 2022.

Workshop collaborators: Tomoyo Ihaya (visual artist), Alex Lazaridis (director), Delia Brett (choreographer-performer), James Maxwell (sound design), Parjad Sharifi (light and projection design), Taiga Chiba (carpentry), Sooyeon Goo (assistant to Tomoyo), Mona Lisa Ali (video animation), Diego Romero (performer). Special thanks to EDAM dance.

See excerpts from workshop here.

Trans: Experiments in Living


Artwork by Jay White

Podcast: The Refrain: getting in sync with the world


The Refrain: getting in sync with the world  is an investigation into the ideas that inform the work of Fight With a Stick. Using voice and sound we investigate our interconnections with the world around us and how collaboration with the other-than-human works. Each episode will explore one or more approaches, including philosophies such as assemblage theory, Object Oriented Ontology, post humanism, anthropology beyond the human, neuroscience, traditional cultures, resurgent cultures, new forestry, biology, and more. 

The first episode, an exploration of Eduardo Kohn's book How Forests Think: toward an anthropology beyond the human, will be released late summer or early Fall.

Image by Alex Lazaridis

Now Showing (working title)


Inspired by our 2018 and 2019 stage productions Oh What a Beautiful Morning! , animator Shez Abro, composer James Maxwell, and director Alex Lazaridis re-imagine the work for a digital platform. Shez Abro draws on his fascination with the history of animation, and his own personal journey of discovery — as a transplanted Pakistani artist — of the strange cultural artefact that we know as the musical Oklahoma! 

Artwork by Shehzar Abro

Both Sides of the Great Divide

Nikki Carter is a transgender artist of great renown — musician, composer, educator, Artistic Director — and is a consultant for Trans:Experiments in Living. Fight With a Stick is thrilled to have her on board and to support her upcoming book Both Sides of the Great Divide, published by the inspiring Transgender Publications.

See Nikki's latest music video release (Fall 2021):

click here!